Ramsay School

Ramsay is located 10 miles west of Butte on I-90.  The school district includes Ramsay, Fairmont, German Gulch, Dawson, Rocker, Beef Trail, Silver Bow, Juniper Acres, and Buxton areas.  Ramsay School serves kindergarten through eighth-grade students.  Ramsay has a Special Education Program and additional support is offered in conjunction with the Butte School District #1.  There are 11 teachers.  The student-teacher ratio is approximately 13-1.  The school also has a Counselor and a CSCT program that is contracted with AWARE.  The hot lunch and breakfast program is available.  There are three bus routes with bus monitors on all buses.  Ramsay School has 27 employees – classified and certified. In addition to the regular curriculum, Ramsay’s 7th and 8th Grade students are taught shop, consumer education, drafting, and keyboarding.  Ramsay School has a quarterly Honor Roll and has a LIFE LONG LEARNER annual award that is given to an Eighth Grade student.  Ramsay participates in the BUG Program. Several special activities in conjunction with the regular and technology curriculum are offered.  These special activities include a sports program for Grades 5-8 (volleyball, basketball, and track), a swimming program (Grades K-8), skiing program (Grades 1-8), bowling (Grades 7-8), an archery program (Grades 5-8), Career Day (Grades 7-8), a JOBS program (Grades 7-8), and the Clark Fork Restoration and Watershed Program (Grades 7-8).  Grades 5-8 students participate in a School Science Fair and compete in the Regional Science Fair at Montana Tech. Ramsay School has several traditional activities – Christmas Play, Mother’s Day Tea, annual trip to Yellowstone for 8th Grade students, and class field trips. A five-member School Board of Trustees governs Ramsay School.  PIE (Partners in Education) represents the parents of the School District.